Meet our Student Ambassadors

“Not all superheroes wear capes. Some wear school uniforms!”

Letters of Love’s Student Ambassadors form a global network of motivated teenagers who have the will to challenge and change social issues. They come from different countries and contexts, united with their passion to inspire communities harnessing the power of a handwritten letter. We provide each of them with mentorship, skills and platforms required to do 'what they want to do.'
While one part of what our Student Ambassadors do is run sensitisation programs in their schools and communities, raising awareness about global refugee crises, the other part is to perforate their change movement to more local domains. Actualising that mission, we have our Student Ambassadors empathise their schools towards marginalised and vulnerable communities and others in their localities , for example - the homeless, prisoners, LGBTQ, war veterans, survivors et al.

Gabby Weiss

Gabby Weiss is the Lead Student Ambassador as well as the youngest team member of Letters of Love. She is also in charge of conducting sensitisation sessions for her school after having undergone training with the Letters of Love curriculum team.

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Ariel Zbeda

Brimming with compassion and utmost humanity, ARIEL comes from the concrete jungles where dreams are made of, New York City. As a student ambassador to Letters of Love and as a civilian belonging to the privilege section of the society she seeks help from her fellow citizens of the world to make a difference to the ones in crises in every way they can, rubbishing differences by nationality and borders.

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Simran Moriani

‘I believe a child’s heart can only be won by love’ – On that note, young, vibrant and enthusiastic Simran Moryani began her journey of making a difference to humans that she connects the most to, children. Children that have similar desires, but are denied even the most fundamental liberty to live, love, educate and pursue their dreams. Simran, who has her roots from Nagpur, India currently functions as an exchange student in Brazil, contributes to the Letters of Love project as a Student Ambassador and has successfully gathered 2000+ letters and most significantly raised sensitisation in her vicinity, in every way she can.

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Shachar Vaknin

Shachar Vaknin is a Israeli teenager and a dedicated student ambassador for Letters of Love. Shachar regularly conducts sensitisation lessons for various grades in her school. In this interview, Shachar speaks about the power of compassion, keeping aside prejudices and her passion for bringing change.

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Nawal Fatima Rai

With a passion for the words and with a quest to mend the most blatantly ignored parts of the society Nawal plays the vital role of a student ambassador for the Letters of Love project.

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Sania Singhania

I’m always trying to make people smile. I usually spend my free time either on organisational websites like the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s), or watching self-awareness videos on TED, appreciating those who make efforts to bring change.

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Malek Sumera

Malek Sumera is a Palestenian teenager and a dedicated student ambassador for Letters of Love. Malek conducts sensitisation lessons for various grades in his school. In this interview, Malek speaks with us about the importance of collective responsibility in eradicating the refugee crisis and his plans for the world.

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Eric Shagrin

Eric Shagrin is an American teenager and a spirited student ambassador for Letters of Love.

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A desire to travel unexplored lanes, with an Eye of a Tiger and a determination to serve the society, Noga plays the role of a student ambassador for the Letters of Love project.

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