How we work

With a diverse team of 28 peacebuilders from 12 countries, with an average age of 22 (our youngest being only 13!), we believe in 'making' a difference rather than 'hoping' for one.

Leadership Programs

Empowering a child with the necessary skillset and connections to impact a social cause can unleash an innate leader and a life-long learner. These young leaders will inspire a global citizenry of changemakers.

Educational Programs

Our empathy-centric programs focus on empowering school students in privileged circumstances through raising awareness and creatively acting upon it to directly make a difference to displaced communities worldwide.

Our Progress

We work with whatever we have available, wherever we are. We're a small but dedicated team, this is what we've achieved so far!


Pen Pal pairs across borders

The Pen Pal Project for children and youth aims at fostering friendships across lines of conflict. We connect school students with internally displaced children in Syria, those beseiged in Gaza and Syrian refugee children in Turkey. It gives them the opportunity to perceive people of other countries beyond.


Handwritten letters

A handwritten letter brings an old-school charm like no other form of communication. This tangible token of love is us, extending a hand in friendship to the millions of refugee children who need our support; to let them know that they are not forgotten but are loved and cared for.


Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors form a global network of motivated teenagers who have the will to challenge and change social issues. They come from different contries and contexts, united with their passion to inspire communities harnessing the power of a handwritten letter.


Students Sensitised

In a time where humanitarian conflicts of various magnitudes are unfolding by the hour, it is imperative that we raise aware, empathic global citizens in our classrooms.

Stories From The Team

Every smile we spread has a story behind it; one that's filled with simplicity, hard work, joy and abundant hope.

Help us spread smiles.